BURRATA Michelangelo

Country of origin: Italy Italy

Milk: pasteurized cow’s milk

Mass: 120g

Consumable: 8 days

Quantity in package: 10 pcs.

The original Italian fresh cheese in brine with a delicate, mild flavor in the form of a flexible bag of mozzarella filled with semi-liquid mixture of tiny scraps in the middle  (including mozzarella) and cream. After slicing the bag its velvety, creamy, sweetish contents slowly, as if lazily flows outside tempting with  white color and thick consistency. Burrata is often called "little sister" of Mozzarella. Made from pasteurized cow's milk. It has a wide culinary uses: served with tomatoes, basil, pasta or as an addition to salads and crispbread. It can also be served with a sauce of basil, a little mint, lemon juice and olive oil.