Country of origin: Greece Greece

Milk: pasteurized sheep’s and goat’s milk

Mass: 2 kg

Consumable: 120 days

Quantity in package: 4 pcs.

Manouri is sheep's and goat's milk mixture Greek cheese of cream-white color, and cheese-cake like texture; without skin. It is distinguished with fresh and mild milky taste with a slight citrus fruit touch. Greek cheese, Manouri melts easily. It is a great low-fat alternative to Greek yoghurt. It is used for baking cakes such as spanakopita or, when sprinkled with honey, it can be served to breakfast. Perfect for desserts, salads; suitable for baking, cooking and frying. It can be served as a snack, with addition of jam. Manouri cheese is based on the feta production formula. Made from pasteurised goat's milk.