ROUGETTE creamy grill cheese with herbs

Country of origin: Germany Germany

Milk: pasteurized cow’s milk

Mass: 180g (2x90g)

Consumable: 70 days

Quantity in package: 6 pcs.

Rougette cheese is an ideal, seasonal dainty for all lovers of cheese. Naturally maturing, soft cheese Rougette with the addition of herbs is a great diversity for barbeque. During the grilling the cheese becomes creamy and gentle, it does not melt and stick to the grate. Thanks to special technology, the rind of the cheese does not crack and cheese does not flow out during the grilling. It is available in two 90g pieces/portions. Cheese is easy and fast in preparing (6-9 minutes): directly on grill or frying pan (detailed way of preparing is visible on the packaging). It is a great diversity for barbeque and suits to many salads! This product is available for selling seasonal from April to September. One can find more details and interesting recipes on