ROUGETTE Marinated grill cheese (with paprika)

Country of origin: Germany Germany

Milk: pasteurized cow’s milk

Mass: 180g

Consumable: 40 days

Quantity in package: 6 pcs.

Distinct flavor of cheese and spiced marinade make that grill cheese Rougette is a unique dainty. Due to availability of two flavors: paprika and garden herbs, it is an interesting diversity on each barbeque, equally being balanced alternative for marinated meat for grilling. Marinated cheese Rougette is packed on tray which is adjusted for each type of grills. Cheese is easy and fast in preparing (about 10 minutes): directly on the tray, on grill or in the oven (detailed way of preparing is visible on the packaging). This product is available during the whole year in selling. One can find more details and interesting recipes on