Who we are?


TEMAR company has been operating since 1990. It is seated in Katowice, Poland, where its Head Office is located at the same address as the professionally equipped and cooled warehouse of the area of over 2,265 m2. The hall includes the high storage warehouse with a mobile system of service and it can store2,178 pallets, and the cold store able to contain 120 pallets.


We are one of the greatest importers of cheeses and dairy products in Poland. We import a wide assortment of the best quality products from many European Union member countries. Among the imported products there are hard, soft/blue and fresh cheeses as well as yoghurts, desserts, milk and whipped creams. Our offer also includes products from soya, BIO and lactose free products.We offer cheese stalls equipment made by the worldwide cheese stall equipment leader: the Boska Holland, too.


We cooperate with the renown European brands and producers from Italy, Germany,the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Denmark, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Estonia.



We can reach every single place in Poland.

We deliver to the biggest Polish and West European commercial networks as well as  almost 120 wholesalers who specialize in dairy products and distribute our products independently to the retail sellers.

We can reach every single place in Poland.

We deliver to the most popular commercial networks:

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1990beginning of import and distribution of semi-hard and hard cheeses
1991widening the offer with the soft/blue cheese
1998enriching the assortment with whipped creams
2001beginning of import and distribution of fresh cheese
2004beginning of cooperation with the Boska Holland, aDutch company who is the leader of cheese stalls equipment
2008beginning of import and distribution of soya products
2009introducing the BIO products into the assortment
2010widening the product offer with the lactose free Minus L products
2013beginning of import and distribution of the Cheestrings cheese fingers
2014taking-over of the Candia Polska Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] and widening the assortment of products with more dairy products (July)
2017Expanding the sales offer with ready-made weighing cheese - FRESH PACK